What makes Iceni better than other brands

Period pants and underwear are often made from multiple layers of absorbent and water-proof material to protect from leaks onto clothes.

However, Iceni Silver period wear goes that one step further and is the only British period wear manufacturer using antimicrobial SILVADUR™ technology.

SILVADUR™ safely minimises any microbes that could cause odour or material degradation, effectively controlling bacteria, leaving you smelling fresh all day.

Our period pants hold up to 40mls of flow, equivalent to eight heavy (or 12 regular) tampons, double the capacity of other brands on the market.

Each style has been designed and tailored specifically with active lifestyles in mind. Whether you playing sports or working long shifts, our period knickers will keep you feeling fresh, comfortable and confident all day long.

Iceni Silver’s range of period pants is trusted by some of the UK’s leading athletes, including Rugby player and TV presenter Rachael Burford, England Cricket Player Lydia Greenwood and QPR Football Captain Hayley Peacock and is the official supplier of Vitality Superleague netball club, London Pulse. 

All of our products are manufactured in the UK. Why shop internationally, when you can shop at home? Save money, and the environment with Iceni Silver.