First Period Pack

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Our first-period pack has everything your girl needs to start her period with confidence.

This pack comes with;

  • 1 x Iceni Warrior Period Pants - No need for additional sanitary wear; no odour, no leaks and complete comfort. Can hold up to 40ml = 8 heavy tampons/12 moderate or light.

  • The Little Book of Growing Up - Everything you need to know about puberty and periods in one brilliant little book!

  • Be You Monthly Patches deliver cramp numbing sensation to the skin over 12 hours. (For more information about this product please click on the link)

  • Be You Bath Bomb is all natural and vegan, which is kind to all skin types.

  • A conveniently sized bag for you to carry a spare pair of Iceni or any other essentials you think you might need!

  • A scrunchie

Iceni underwear will give the security and confidence to do everyday activities, whether it be sports or out and about with friends. No odour, no leaks, no stress, no worries!