How much fluid can Iceni Silver Knickers hold?

Our absorbent period wear uses state of the art, innovative technology that can hold up to 40ml of fluid (equivalent to 8 regular tampons). The organic cotton layer can absorb moisture 20x faster and hold 10x its weight in 2 seconds.


How do I pick the right size underwear?

All of our period knickers match the standard UK sizing guides and fit true to size.


Do I still need to wear pads or tampons?

Nope, our period wear can hold up to 40ml (8 tampons worth) of period fluid - 4x more than marketing leading brands and require no additional sanitary products leading to more sustainable periods. 

Our exclusive SILVADUR technology and advanced testing ensure our products are entirely leak-proof, odour-proof and stain-proof, removing the need for unsustainable sanitary products. 

This saves you money in the long run and helps the environment by reducing the use of plastic!


Are Iceni Silver knickers a good replacement for my current routine?

Absolutely, our period products are perfect for regular, heavy and irregular periods. We have lighter knickers such as The Defender, ideal for light flow or mild incontinence as well as our regular knickers which hold up to 40ml.

Cutting down the use of disposable liners, tampons and sanitary pads is not only more comfortable, it is also more sustainable for the environment!


Will the underwear start to smell?

Thanks to the Silvadurᵀᴹ technology, our underwear offer an unmatched intelligent freshness, effectively controlling bacteria that could cause unpleasant odours, leaving you smelling fresh all day.


Can Iceni Silver period pants be used for urinary incontinence or light bladder leaks?

Whether it’s period blood or bladder leaks, our range can hold up to 40ml of fluid with its extra absorbent padding.


Where are Iceni Silver Knickers manufactured?

Unlike other period wear brands, Iceni Silver’s products are manufactured in the UK and designed by British designers. So, not only are you helping to support a British business, you are keeping your carbon footprint small by reducing air miles and transportation costs.


How do I wash the underwear?

Our period underwear should be either hand washed or machine washed on a cold 30℃ wash and hung to dry. Do not use fabric softener when washing or drying the knickers in a tumble dryer, as this will cause the protective layers to shrink or melt, making them ineffective.


Are period knickers sanitary?

Yes, as long as they are cleaned and cared for properly. Make sure to clean them regularly and rinse out any blood until they can be properly machine washed. 


Can period knickers be used post-pregnancy?

Of course, many new mums recommend our period underwear for postpartum bleeding as they are much more comfortable and softer than the disposable maternity wear hospitals provide.


How long do the Iceni Silver knickers last?

Our knickers last around two years, but this can vary depending on the length of your cycle and the heaviness of your flow. 


Can the knickers be worn for exercise and sport?

Absolutely! Our products are the only period wear range on the market made especially with active wearers in mind. And just in case you don’t believe us, our knickers have been tested by some of the UK leading sportswomen, including Rugby player and TV presenter Rachael Burford, England Cricket Player Lydia Greenwood and QPR Football Captain Hayley Peacock.


How many pairs do I need?

We would recommend around 3 to 4 pairs per menstrual cycle; however, this may vary depending on your flow and how regularly you can wash the knickers.


Will the knickers feel bulky or heavy?

Not at all; despite our period wear being highly absorbent, the padding is very thin and light, so the knickers feel the same as regular underwear.