"Iceni provides me with so much more confidence when I am playing sport. The very nature of the product allows me to focus on what I need without being distracted or worried - they are also so comfortable which is something I wasn’t expecting!  I would recommend Iceni to all females”

Lydia Greenway- ex England Cricketer Owner of Girls Cricket



As an international netball player this didn't interrupt the way I play or how it felt. The Iceni is very comfortable and very comfortable when in competitive matches/training. This product is a game changer especially for young people/athletes they don't need to worry about changing pads or tampons and feel disgusting or dirty. The fact it's simple to wash and dry and reuse. Saving the environment 100%. ☺ don't hesitate to buy. There are different packs to choose from and pick the one that is right for you.

Kadeen Corbin - England Netballer, Mavericks player


I absolutely love these period knicker.  I have used Modibodi in the past and found the material to be rigid and have occasionally leaked in them.  The Iceni knickers have stretchy knicker material and the pad isn't too nappy like in the normal day knickers- the nighttime knickers do have a much larger pad understandably.  The first couple of days of my period are heavy and these have coped wonderfully.  There's not horrid smell and the sixes seem to be spot on.  For me the big win is the stretch material - it's ace being able to move, run, bike, train as normal without that tiny discomfort of unforgiving knicker seams.  Little bit kinder to the environment too.

Nicola Walker


This is fantastic, super comfortable & extremely fitted. No problems playing netball in them. Highly recommend :)

Sasha Corbin- England Netballer and Mavericks Captain


I play a lot of netball and have really heavy periods. I was worried about trying these knickers without wearing anything else and at first wore a tampon as well. Then I decided to try without and they completely work, I wore them all day and did not leak and there was no smell.

Holly (age 15), Netballer


Being on the go all day makes it really difficult at times to change. However now I wear these knickers and they can last me all day which makes life so much more easier.

Gail, PE teacher


Iceni period knickers are a game changer. I literally couldn’t be without mine and can only imagine how much easier life would of been as a 14 year old if we had these back then.

Vicky, Personal Trainer


I thought I'd try a pair of these for my 12yr old.  She was a bit dubious, couldn't see how they could work effectively despite me explaining.  She LOVES them! in her own words "I can completely forget I have my period.  They're so comfy and zero smell, which was the bit I was worried about most"

Thanks. Will start to stock up

Cathy McLornan


Just received my order, beautifully packaged and great quality.  Bought the size small for my 11-12 daughter and though they looked on the large side, they fit well without being tight around the tummy.  What a savior for avoiding embarrassing tween or teen situations.

Kirsty Rogers


100% would recommend these.  I tried them for my 11yr old daughter who is confined to a wheelchair.  For obvious reasons each month it can be quite traumatic for her especially when at school.  These pants have giver her some freedom of not having to worry about changing so frequently, the absorbency is good, no odour and really comfortable when sitting in her wheelchair for long periods of time. 10/10

Joanne Bloomer


'I got one run in (they arrived just in time for the end of my period). Was super impressed! No wedgies or anything! haha! When on I thought they were a good fit & style. I had worried about pinching round the waist from the thin waistband but in reality, they were really comfortable.'
Sarah - Wonderful Wild Women


My daughter wears these knickers under her white Karate suit. She has never had a leak and feels completely confident when wearing them. I would highly recommend.

Mum of Olivia (age 14), GB Karate Athlete


"These are super comfortable and really help me at night. I've been wearing the warrior's during my lock down training when I'm on my period and it gives me that extra reassurance I really need during long sessions"

Hayley Peacock - QPR Ladies Football Captain


My daughter is a hockey goalkeeper and loves these! They make her feel completely secure and she says they are incredibly comfortable. Night time version also excellent. Can’t recommend highly enough

-Jo Broderick


A complete game changer for teenage girls....I wish I had these when I was at school.

Sarah-Jane Buckle


My daughter absolutely loves these, they give her so much confidence when she has her period. I will definitely be buying more pairs, and just wish they'd been around when I was younger! ♥️

Catriona Hoffman