Sleep Easy Night Knicker Black

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Flow: 40ml = 8 heavy tampons/12 moderate or light

Support: Moderate to heavy periods, heavy discharge, wider absorbent layer on the back to prevent leaks during the nights.

Comfort: No need for additional sanitary wear during the night with no odour, no leaks and complete comfort. Designed with a higher waist for more comfort whilst sleeping.

Sport: Designed for sleeping but could be used for activities such as cycling or workouts that require sitting down such as rowing or bench pressing. 

The clue is in the name! Our sleep easy knickers guarantee a full night's protection without having to change during the night. The super comfy design has an innovative wide absorbent layer on the back to stop leakages when lying down or moving during the night without the pants feeling bulky or thick. They’ll leave you feeling comfortable and confident and let you get the best nights sleep even during your heaviest nights. We’ve even been told they’re the best nighttime period wear on the market!

The Sleep Easy Knicker has been designed to suit both child and adult sizes.