Five period knicker myths busted!

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Five period knicker myths busted!

As National Period Day approaches (10th October), we want to promote the replacement of disposable products such as pads and tampons with more sustainable products like period underwear which can help make your period much more manageable as well as greatly benefit the environment.

Following a nationwide survey, our new research reveals the main concerns around using period knickers.

It can be daunting to make a change to your typical period routine; everyone has their dos and don’ts to suit their unique cycle. However, more than five in 10 that used disposable tampons and sanitary pads thought they were extremely uncomfortable to wear. 

So, to help you understand more about period kickers and how they can benefit your day-to-day life, we have busted some common assumptions surrounding period wear below.


Myth 1: Period wear creates a foul odour

Over half (51%) of those aware of period knickers said their main concern around switching from disposable products is the fear that the underwear would smell. 

Although many people expect to notice a strong odour after not changing their underwear for several hours, this is not the case. Many period pants are manufactured with unique antibacterial fabric that prevents a bad smell from forming. 

Iceni Silver’s period knickers use state of the art SILVADUR™ technology that keeps the wearer smelling fresh, feeling dry and confident all day long.


Myth 2: Period knickers are unsanitary

According to our study, nearly five in 10 (49%) Brits were concerned about how clean reusable period knickers were. With all that moisture, surely this could cause yeast infections and odours?

Nope! As we mentioned earlier, Iceni Silver period wear has antimicrobial SILVADUR™ material, which is unique compared to other brands. Antimicrobial technology is a polymer-containing silver technology that delivers silver ions when organisms land or form on a piece of the treated fabric. These ions continually release to minimise microbes that cause odour and material degradation safely.

If period knickers are cared for properly, they are perfectly sanitary. The underwear should last around a day, though this will depend on your flow and how comfortable you feel. To allow your underwear to continue working to its full potential, make sure to wash them following the instructions in the image below after a full day of wear.

How to wash period knickers


Myth 3: Period wear is designed to be worn as extra-protection 

Period underwear can be a dubious idea, especially for those who experience heavier flows. Over a third (34%) of respondents said they’re concerned about the practicality of period knickers,  however, there are a range of products on the market to suit an individual’s need.

These can range from thinner underwear for light flows or mild incontinence to more coverage protection for heavy flows and sleeping.

Our period knickers are designed to suit a range of activities and lifestyles and last 12 hours on a regular flow or eight hours on a heavy flow. You can feel confident that your period will be under control for the majority of the day without the need for additional sanitary products.

Our Sleep Easy range is designed with a more extensive absorption layer on the back to prevent any leakages during the night.


Myth 4: Period wear is expensive

Our new insight reveals that over two-fifths (46%) of Brits find the price factor of period knickers a significant concern. 

However, on average, an individual spends £10.24 a month on menstrual products, totalling £122.88 a year. A pair of Iceni Silver period knickers costs between £22-£27 and lasts around two years before needing to be replaced. With an individual only needing three pairs to manage a cycle, you can make a saving of over £85 per year.


Myth 5: Period wear is uncomfortable to wear

With practicality being a main concern, we wanted to highlight, unlike most suspicions, that period wear does not feel bulky or nappy-like to wear. 

The absorbent padding is not much thicker than the fabric itself and is designed to be breathable whilst managing a heavy flow. Iceni’s products have been designed, developed and manufactured with sport and active lives in mind.

The brand has even recruited some of the countries leading sportswomen to trial the products, including Team GB Rower, Emily Ford and QPR Ladies Football Captain Hayley Peacock. 


Don’t just take our word for it 

Eco Expert blogger, Georgina Caro, switched to reusable period underwear several years ago. Discussing her thoughts about how hygienic period wear is, she said, “It’s only blood! People that menstruate have been told to fear and hide away their bleeding, but it’s one of the most natural things in the world. As long as you wash your period pants after every use and don’t leave them dirty for too long in your washing basket, it’s fine.”

“And as for any potential bad odours, as long as you wash them well and dry them thoroughly before putting them away, your period underwear shouldn’t smell. Ideally, they need to be air-dried whenever possible. Try not to dry them on direct heat sources such as radiators. It’s often advised to pre-wash your period pants before you put them into your washing machine.

“I have always suffered with heavy periods, but since switching to reusable period pants, my periods have not only been lighter but less painful. I can wear my heavy flow pants for up to 8 hours without any issues on a heavy day. I have never leaked through them. With the nighttime disposable pads, I would leak through every night and have to lay on a towel in bed.

“Period pants have been life-changing for me. They fit really well to your body, and you can completely forget you’re on your period, unlike when you wear disposables. You can wear them for up to eight hours too, so you’re not constantly changing them like disposable pads. 

“They are far more comfortable than disposable pads and don’t make you sweat as they’re made of breathable material. Switching to reusable period wear was one of the best decisions I ever made. My only regret is that they weren’t around when I was younger. They would have made my whole period experience much easier.”

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  • Lauren Alston

    I wasn’t sure about using these and in all honesty bought them for extra protection as I’m heavy and unpredictable BUT I am so impressed by them I’m completely converted! No need to use anything else. I feel clean and safe on my period now. Thank you Iceni!

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