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As National Period Day approaches (10th October), we want to promote the replacement of disposable products such as pads and tampons with more sustainable products like period underwear which can help make your period much more manageable as well as greatly benefit the environment. Following a nationwide survey, our new research reveals the main concerns around using period knickers. It can be daunting to make a change to your typical period routine; everyone has their dos and don’ts to suit their unique cycle. However, more than five in 10 that used disposable tampons and sanitary pads thought they were extremely uncomfortable...

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Did you know that disposable sanitary products such as pads/towels can be made from up to 90% plastic, yet 1.4 million pads and 700,000 panty liners are still flushed down the toilet daily?  With our own study revealing that over half of Brits (53%) find pads and tampons uncomfortable, we recommend period pants as a much more sustainable, comfortable and reliable option. For those not too sure about the idea, we have put together a beginners guide to explain what period pants are, how they work and why you should upgrade your monthly routine. What are period pants? Period pants...

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